Your name in chinese Adrian

How is Adrian written in chinese?

Adrian in simplified chinese:


Adrian in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Adrian in chinese?

Adrian transcribed to pinyin:

ā dé lǐ ān

Pronunciation of Adrian in chinese:

Picture of the name Adrian in chinese:

The name Adrian in chinese characters

Meaning of Adrian characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
exclamation due to surprise
ethics, morality, virtue
unit of distance; village; lane
peaceful, tranquil, quiet

Example sentences that contain Adrian in chinese:

Adrian and Ailyn Ogren are very good friends


ādélǐān hé àilínàogélún shì fēicháng hǎo de péngyǒu

Adrian has given seven houses a Ailyn Ogren


ādélǐān gěi àilínàogélún sòngle qī jiān fángzi

Adrian now also in japanese

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