Your name in chinese Carlos Alberto

How is Carlos Alberto written in chinese?

Carlos Alberto in simplified chinese:


Carlos Alberto in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Carlos Alberto in chinese?

Carlos Alberto transcribed to pinyin:

chá ěr sī · ài bó tè

Pronunciation of Carlos Alberto in chinese:

Picture of the name Carlos Alberto in chinese:

The name Carlos Alberto in chinese characters

Meaning of Carlos Alberto characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
investigate, examine, seek into
you; that, those; final particle
this, thus, such; to lop off; emphatic particle
· Meaning not available
artemisia, mugwort; translit.
the eldest of the brothers, uncle, count
special, unique, distinguished

Example sentences that contain Carlos Alberto in chinese:

Carlos Alberto is studying english


cháěrsī·àibótè zhèngzài xuéxí yīngyǔ

Carlos Alberto wants to go to USA


cháěrsī·àibótè xiǎng qù měiguó

Carlos Alberto now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Carlos Alberto in japanese!

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