Your name in chinese Eduardo

How is Eduardo written in chinese?

Eduardo in simplified chinese:


Eduardo in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Eduardo in chinese?

Eduardo transcribed to pinyin:

ài dé huá duō

Pronunciation of Eduardo in chinese:

Picture of the name Eduardo in chinese:

The name Eduardo in chinese characters

Meaning of Eduardo characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
love, be fond of, like
ethics, morality, virtue
flowery; illustrious; Chinese
much, many; more than, over

Example sentences that contain Eduardo in chinese:

Eduardo has given two cats a Melany


àidéhuáduō gěi méilánnī sòngle liǎng zhī māo

Eduardo is studying japanese


àidéhuáduō zhèngzài xuéxí rìyǔ

Eduardo now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Eduardo in japanese!

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