Your name in chinese Esperanza

How is Esperanza written in chinese?

Esperanza in simplified chinese:


Esperanza in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Esperanza in chinese?

Esperanza transcribed to pinyin:

āi sī pèi lán sà

Pronunciation of Esperanza in chinese:

Picture of the name Esperanza in chinese:

The name Esperanza in chinese characters

Meaning of Esperanza characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
fine dust, dirt
this, thus, such; to lop off; emphatic particle
belt ornament, pendant; wear at waist, tie to the belt; respect
orchid; elegant, graceful
Buddhist gods or immortals

Example sentences that contain Esperanza in chinese:

Esperanza's friend has five watches


āisīpèilánsà de péngyǒu yǒu wǔ ge shǒubiǎo

Esperanza has given five watches a Aaron


āisīpèilánsà gěi yàlún sòngle wǔ ge shǒubiǎo

Esperanza now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Esperanza in japanese!

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