Your name in chinese Eugenio

How is Eugenio written in chinese?

Eugenio in simplified chinese:


Eugenio in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Eugenio in chinese?

Eugenio transcribed to pinyin:

ōu jīn ní ào

Pronunciation of Eugenio in chinese:

Picture of the name Eugenio in chinese:

The name Eugenio in chinese characters

Meaning of Eugenio characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
translit.: Europe; ohm; surname
gold; metals in general; money
Buddhist nun; transliteration
mysterious, obscure, profound

Example sentences that contain Eugenio in chinese:

Eugenio and Svetlana are very good friends


ōujīnníào hé sīwéitèlánnà shì fēicháng hǎo de péngyǒu

Eugenio is studying english


ōujīnníào zhèngzài xuéxí yīngyǔ

Eugenio now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Eugenio in japanese!

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