Your name in chinese Fox

How is Fox written in chinese?

Fox in simplified chinese:


Fox in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Fox in chinese?

Fox transcribed to pinyin:

hú lí

Pronunciation of Fox in chinese:

Picture of the name Fox in chinese:

The name Fox in chinese characters

Meaning of Fox characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
species of fox

Example sentences that contain Fox in chinese:

Fox's favorite fruit is the peach


húlí zuì xǐhuān de shuǐguǒ shì táozi

Fox wants to go to Peru


húlí xiǎng qù bìlǔ

Other names in Mandarin Chinese:

Name Characters
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Jiaer 嘉尔
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Teona 特奥娜
Iyed 伊耶德
Abeigail 阿贝盖尔
Marcelline 玛瑟琳
Ucker 乌克
Mantilla 曼蒂拉

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