Your name in chinese Josep Maria

How is Josep Maria written in chinese?

Josep Maria in simplified chinese:


Josep Maria in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Josep Maria in chinese?

Josep Maria transcribed to pinyin:

yuē sè fū · mǎ lì yà

Pronunciation of Josep Maria in chinese:

Picture of the name Josep Maria in chinese:

The name Josep Maria in chinese characters

Meaning of Josep Maria characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
treaty, agreement, covenant
large stringed musical instrument; dignified, massive; sound of wind
man, male adult, husband; those
· Meaning not available
agate; cornelian
beautiful, magnificent, elegant
Asia; second

Example sentences that contain Josep Maria in chinese:

Josep Maria's friend has two books


yuēsèfū·mǎlìyà de péngyǒu yǒu liǎng běn shū

Josep Maria and Chan Hugo are very good friends


yuēsèfū·mǎlìyà hé chényǔguǒ shì fēicháng hǎo de péngyǒu

Josep Maria now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Josep Maria in japanese!

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