Your name in chinese Juan Jesus

How is Juan Jesus written in chinese?

Juan Jesus in simplified chinese:


Juan Jesus in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Juan Jesus in chinese?

Juan Jesus transcribed to pinyin:

hú ān · yé sū

Pronunciation of Juan Jesus in chinese:

Picture of the name Juan Jesus in chinese:

The name Juan Jesus in chinese characters

Meaning of Juan Jesus characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
recklessly, foolishly; wildly
peaceful, tranquil, quiet
· Meaning not available
used in transliteration
revive, to rise again; collect

Example sentences that contain Juan Jesus in chinese:

Juan Jesus wants to go to China


húān·yésū xiǎng qù zhōngguó

Juan Jesus is studying japanese


húān·yésū zhèngzài xuéxí rìyǔ

Juan Jesus now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Juan Jesus in japanese!

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