Your name in chinese Juan Vicente

How is Juan Vicente written in chinese?

Juan Vicente in simplified chinese:


Juan Vicente in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Juan Vicente in chinese?

Juan Vicente transcribed to pinyin:

hú ān · wéi sēn tè

Pronunciation of Juan Vicente in chinese:

Picture of the name Juan Vicente in chinese:

The name Juan Vicente in chinese characters

Meaning of Juan Vicente characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
recklessly, foolishly; wildly
peaceful, tranquil, quiet
· Meaning not available
maintain, preserve, safeguard
forest; luxuriant vegetation
special, unique, distinguished

Example sentences that contain Juan Vicente in chinese:

Juan Vicente's friend has two books


húān·wéisēntè de péngyǒu yǒu liǎng běn shū

Juan Vicente is studying italian


húān·wéisēntè zhèngzài xuéxí yìdàlìwén

Juan Vicente now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Juan Vicente in japanese!

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