Your name in chinese Maria Concepcion

How is Maria Concepcion written in chinese?

Maria Concepcion in simplified chinese:


Maria Concepcion in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Maria Concepcion in chinese?

Maria Concepcion transcribed to pinyin:

mǎ lì yà · kāng sāi pǔ xī wēng

Pronunciation of Maria Concepcion in chinese:

Picture of the name Maria Concepcion in chinese:

The name Maria Concepcion in chinese characters

Meaning of Maria Concepcion characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
agate; cornelian
beautiful, magnificent, elegant
Asia; second
· Meaning not available
peaceful, quiet; happy, healthy
stop up, block, seal, cork; pass, frontier; fortress
universal, general, widespread
西 west(ern); westward, occident
old man; father, father-in-law

Example sentences that contain Maria Concepcion in chinese:

Maria Concepcion has given ten televisions a Santha


mǎlìyà·kāngsāipǔxīwēng gěi sāngtǎ sòngle shí tái diànshì

Maria Concepcion wants to go to Mexico


mǎlìyà·kāngsāipǔxīwēng xiǎng qù mòxīgē

Maria Concepcion now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Maria Concepcion in japanese!

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