Your name in chinese Maria Encarnacion

How is Maria Encarnacion written in chinese?

Maria Encarnacion in simplified chinese:


Maria Encarnacion in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Maria Encarnacion in chinese?

Maria Encarnacion transcribed to pinyin:

mǎ lì yà · ēn qiǎ nà xī wēng

Pronunciation of Maria Encarnacion in chinese:

Picture of the name Maria Encarnacion in chinese:

The name Maria Encarnacion in chinese characters

Meaning of Maria Encarnacion characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
agate; cornelian
beautiful, magnificent, elegant
Asia; second
· Meaning not available
kindness, mercy, charity
card, punch card; calorie
admit, take, receive, accept
西 west(ern); westward, occident
old man; father, father-in-law

Example sentences that contain Maria Encarnacion in chinese:

Maria Encarnacion has given three dogs a Lamisha


mǎlìyà·ēnqiǎnàxīwēng gěi lāmǐshā sòngle sān zhī gǒu

Maria Encarnacion's favorite fruit is the pineapple


mǎlìyà·ēnqiǎnàxīwēng zuì xǐhuān de shuǐguǒ shì bōluó

Maria Encarnacion now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Maria Encarnacion in japanese!

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