Your name in chinese Maria Soledad

How is Maria Soledad written in chinese?

Maria Soledad in simplified chinese:


Maria Soledad in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Maria Soledad in chinese?

Maria Soledad transcribed to pinyin:

mǎ lì yà · suǒ lái dá

Pronunciation of Maria Soledad in chinese:

Picture of the name Maria Soledad in chinese:

The name Maria Soledad in chinese characters

Meaning of Maria Soledad characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
agate; cornelian
beautiful, magnificent, elegant
Asia; second
· Meaning not available
large rope, cable; rules, laws; to demand, to exact; to search, inquire; isolated
goosefoot, weed; fallow field
arrive at, reach; intelligent; smooth, slippery

Example sentences that contain Maria Soledad in chinese:

Maria Soledad has given eight motorcycles a Fatme


mǎlìyà·suǒláidá gěi fǎtèméi sòngle bā liàng mótuōchē

Maria Soledad's favorite color is blue


mǎlìyà·suǒláidá zuì xǐhuān de yánsè shì lánsè

Maria Soledad now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Maria Soledad in japanese!

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