Your name in chinese Michael Streeter

How is Michael Streeter written in chinese?

Michael Streeter in simplified chinese:


Michael Streeter in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Michael Streeter in chinese?

Michael Streeter transcribed to pinyin:

mài kè ěr · sī tè lǐ tè

Pronunciation of Michael Streeter in chinese:

Picture of the name Michael Streeter in chinese:

The name Michael Streeter in chinese characters

Meaning of Michael Streeter characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
take a big stride; pass by
gram; overcome; transliteration
you; that, those; final particle
· Meaning not available
this, thus, such; to lop off; emphatic particle
special, unique, distinguished
unit of distance; village; lane
special, unique, distinguished

Example sentences that contain Michael Streeter in chinese:

Michael Streeter's favorite color is red


màikèěr·sītèlǐtè zuì xǐhuān de yánsè shì hóngsè

Michael Streeter's favorite fruit is the tomato


màikèěr·sītèlǐtè zuì xǐhuān de shuǐguǒ shì fānqié

Michael Streeter now also in japanese

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