Your name in chinese Patricia

How is Patricia written in chinese?

Patricia in simplified chinese:


Patricia in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Patricia in chinese?

Patricia transcribed to pinyin:

pà tè lǐ xià

Pronunciation of Patricia in chinese:

Picture of the name Patricia in chinese:

The name Patricia in chinese characters

Meaning of Patricia characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
turban, kerchief, veil; wrap
special, unique, distinguished
unit of distance; village; lane
summer; great, grand, big

Example sentences that contain Patricia in chinese:

Patricia's favorite fruit is the apple


pàtèlǐxià zuì xǐhuān de shuǐguǒ shì píngguǒ

Patricia wants to go to France


pàtèlǐxià xiǎng qù fàguó

Patricia now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Patricia in japanese!

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