Your name in chinese Pedro Manuel

How is Pedro Manuel written in chinese?

Pedro Manuel in simplified chinese:


Pedro Manuel in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Pedro Manuel in chinese?

Pedro Manuel transcribed to pinyin:

pèi dé luó · màn nǔ āi ěr

Pronunciation of Pedro Manuel in chinese:

Picture of the name Pedro Manuel in chinese:

The name Pedro Manuel in chinese characters

Meaning of Pedro Manuel characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
belt ornament, pendant; wear at waist, tie to the belt; respect
ethics, morality, virtue
net for catching birds; gauze
· Meaning not available
long, extended, vast; beautiful
to exert, strive, make an effort; to pout
fine dust, dirt
you; that, those; final particle

Example sentences that contain Pedro Manuel in chinese:

Pedro Manuel has given nine houses a Bernedeth


pèidéluó·mànnǔāiěr gěi bónèidésī sòngle jiǔ jiān fángzi

Pedro Manuel wants to go to Argentina


pèidéluó·mànnǔāiěr xiǎng qù āgēntíng

Pedro Manuel now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Pedro Manuel in japanese!

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