Your name in chinese Pol

How is Pol written in chinese?

Pol in simplified chinese:


Pol in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Pol in chinese?

Pol transcribed to pinyin:

bō ěr

Pronunciation of Pol in chinese:

Picture of the name Pol in chinese:

The name Pol in chinese characters

Meaning of Pol characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
waves, breakers; undulations
you; that, those; final particle

Example sentences that contain Pol in chinese:

Pol's friend has six cars


bōěr de péngyǒu yǒu liù liàng chē

Pol wants to go to United Kingdom


bōěr xiǎng qù yīngguó

Pol now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Pol in japanese!

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