Your name in chinese Alberto

How is Alberto written in chinese?

Alberto in simplified chinese:


Alberto in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Alberto in chinese?

Alberto transcribed to pinyin:

ā ěr bèi tuō

Pronunciation of Alberto in chinese:

Picture of the name Alberto in chinese:

The name Alberto in chinese characters

Meaning of Alberto characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
exclamation due to surprise
you; that, those; final particle
sea shell; money, currency
to hold up with palm; to support, rely on

Example sentences that contain Alberto in chinese:

Alberto is studying french


āěrbèituō zhèngzài xuéxí fǎwén

Alberto's favorite color is white


āěrbèituō zuì xǐhuān de yánsè shì báisè

Alberto now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Alberto in japanese!

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