Your name in chinese Miguel

How is Miguel written in chinese?

Miguel in simplified chinese:


Miguel in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Miguel in chinese?

Miguel transcribed to pinyin:

mǐ gé ěr

Pronunciation of Miguel in chinese:

Picture of the name Miguel in chinese:

The name Miguel in chinese characters

Meaning of Miguel characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
hulled or husked uncooked rice
pattern, standard, form; style
you; that, those; final particle

Example sentences that contain Miguel in chinese:

Miguel's favorite color is pink


mǐgéěr zuì xǐhuān de yánsè shì fěnsè

Miguel and Jofre are very good friends


mǐgéěr hé qiáofóěr shì fēicháng hǎo de péngyǒu

Miguel now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Miguel in japanese!

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