Your name in chinese Miguel Angel

How is Miguel Angel written in chinese?

Miguel Angel in simplified chinese:


Miguel Angel in traditional chinese:


How to pronounce Miguel Angel in chinese?

Miguel Angel transcribed to pinyin:

mǐ gé ěr · tiān shǐ

Pronunciation of Miguel Angel in chinese:

Picture of the name Miguel Angel in chinese:

The name Miguel Angel in chinese characters

Meaning of Miguel Angel characters in chinese:

Character Meaning
hulled or husked uncooked rice
pattern, standard, form; style
you; that, those; final particle
· Meaning not available
sky, heaven; god, celestial
使 cause, send on a mission, order; envoy, messenger, ambassador

Example sentences that contain Miguel Angel in chinese:

Miguel Angel's friend has six trees


mǐgéěr·tiānshǐ de péngyǒu yǒu liù kē shù

Miguel Angel has given six trees a Nurin


mǐgéěr·tiānshǐ gěi niǔlín sòngle liù kē shù

Miguel Angel now also in japanese

Now you can also see and hear how to say Miguel Angel in japanese!

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